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Apple iPhone SDK Event – March 6

Posted on the February 28th, 2008 under Editorial by

Apple has just sent out invitations to press and developers to an event hosting the introduction of the iPhone SDK. It’s about time!

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Amazon’s Secret Plan to Take Over the Internet

Posted on the February 28th, 2008 under Software Development,Technology by

Ok. So here is the question. Where can you buy books, music, movies and the infrastructure to build the next MySpace, Flickr or YouTube? has the worlds biggest retail site. That takes quite a bit of infrastructure to run a site like that…right? But an infrastructure like that is also a valuable commodity if you can monetize it…Amazon seems to be trying to do just that. They want to provide the infrastructure that will power the next wave of web sites. The amazing part of the Amazon Web Services offering is that there are no setup charges or other up-front costs required to setup a world-class scalable web application. If you can imagine it, you can build it…on the Amazon framework.

So here is what they are actually offering and what it means.

Amazon’s Web Services

New Forums

Posted on the February 23rd, 2008 under Editorial by

To promote the two way discussion of various topics, i’ve installed the phpBB forum software on the site. You can see the new forums here.

More Adventures in Jailbreaking or “Help! I own a $300 brick!”

Posted on the February 23rd, 2008 under Software,Technology by

Until my last post, I didn’t realize how popular the iTouch really was. I also didn’t realize how frustrated people are that Apple is not opening up the OS for the iTouch and iPhone and letting users install 3rd party apps. I have gotten two types of responses to my previous post. The type that I really appreciate are the ones where individuals are relieved to have finally found a coherent description of the steps for jailbreaking their iTouch. The other type is interesting. I have actually had individuals blame me for their iTouch not working. I’ve approved the comments that I could. Some of them were so inappropriate that i couldn’t approve them.

Adventures in Jailbreaking a 1.1.3 iTouch in 2 simple steps

Posted on the February 6th, 2008 under Technology by

I know there are hundreds of sites that describe how to upgrade, download, break in and break out of iPhones and iTouches. I was intending to wait until the official release of the iPhone SDK because I simply didn’t have time to try and repair my iTouch after I turned it into a brick through the unavoidable experimentation with different sometimes vague directions on how to jailbreak your device.