Jailbreaking 1.1.4 iTouch on Windows in 1 Simple Step!

Posted on the April 15th, 2008 under Editorial,Software,Technology by Bryan Waters

Ok.  It simply doesn’t get any easier than this.  I’ve gone through all the backflips (you can read about them on my blog) and have downgraded, upgraded, sidegraded and jailbroken iTouches in just about every way possible on Windows.  I’ve read about the ZiPhone jailbreak and have periodically checked the status of that but on previous visits, it looked like it was a work in progress for Windows anyway.  So, I tried it tonight…and it worked so quickly I wasn’t even sure it was jailbroken, but sure enough, the Installer icon is on my home page ready for me to add any apps that I might want.  So here’s what you need to do…

The one simple step is running the ZiPhone software.  Make sure your iTouch is restored to a non-jailbroken state with the latest version of the firmware (1.1.4).  Also, make sure your iTunes software is up to date.  Connect your iTouch and make sure iTunes recognizes it.  If it does not, then reinstall iTunes and do whatever else you have to do to make sure your iTouch is visible to your computer.  Close iTunes but leave your iTouch connected to your computer.  Now, go to http://www.ziphone.org/ and click on the “Click here to download Ziphone” link.   Then download the Windows version of the ZiPhone software.  This is a phone named ZiPhoneWin-3.0.exe.   Run this file and you will get a directory full of files similar to the following.

Now double-click on the file named “JAILBREAK IPHONE IPOD.bat”.  You will see a console window on your computer and your iTouch.

After a moment, your iTouch will reboot and you will see the ZiPhone application appear on your computer screen.  Click on the appropriate button to finish the jailbreak.

The whole process takes about a minute.  This is the cleanest jailbreak so far.  So…my advice to you is to forget everything i’ve said in the past and use the ZiPhone method.  Now…i’ve got to go get my daughter’s iTouch to jailbreak that again…1.1.4 here we come!!!

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