Twitter Killer or just another Social Networking Toy?

Posted on the June 1st, 2008 under Editorial,Software,Technology by Bryan Waters

Low-karmer plurk creatureI was checking out my twitters and noticed a post by Leo Laporte ( about a new social service called Plurk.  My first reaction is that this is extremely cool!  My second reaction is that i’m not sure it knows what it wants to be when it grows up.

It feels like a twitter clone but is missing some of the key elements such as the SMS linkage.  It has video, and image sharing which feels more like a full grown social network.

They have a feedback system built-in (you get karma for inviting friends and other actions) but all your karma seems to driven by helping plurk grow…hmm?!  Isn’t karma supposed to be good deeds in general?   Also, you get a goofy plurk character that represents your karmic self at different levels of plurkiness.  The one-eyed plurker pictured above is my first karmic representation…i’m going out to do some good deeds right now!

It doesn’t actually seem to compete with any of the current services (at least not on feature set)…but, it’s so cool i’m going to keep plurking to see where the rabbit hole goes!

Click here for my personal invite to join plurk!

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