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Top 10 Most Useful Free Apps for iPod Touch

Posted on the August 30th, 2008 under Editorial by

With the new 2.0 firmware and the new App Store on iTunes you can get most of the functionality that you need without jailbreaking.

The following list are the apps that I use daily and can’t live without. As an added benefit, all of these are also free apps available from the iTunes Music Store.

Privacy Series: The Right and the Expectation of Privacy on the Internet

Posted on the August 14th, 2008 under Privacy by

Do you have a right to online privacy?  Do you actually have online privacy?  Most people who use the Internet have no idea of how little privacy they actually have.  The searches you perform are not private.  These are saved by the major search engines.  The sites you visit are not private.  Your visits are recorded in the site’s log files.  The ad companies use cookies to track your interests by keeping records of your surfing habits.  No privacy there.  So do you actually have privacy on the Internet?  If you are like most people, the statements I just made will scare you or simply piss you off.