Netflix Earnings Play: Is Netflix Acquirable Or Is Icahn Wrong?

Posted on the March 26th, 2013 under Editorial,Investing by Bryan Waters

netflix-dvdsMy whole family, including myself, are movie buffs. We’ve been Netflix members from almost the beginning. We have Rokus on every TV and I’m not at all unhappy with my Netflix (NFLX) account. But the relationship with Netflix has not always been easy. We started by having a combined DVD and Streaming plan that costs (to the best of my memory) about $14.95 per month. At the time, we had unlimited Streaming and no limit on the number of DVDs per month with a maximum of 3 out at a time.

Netflix Qwikster Debacle

Then Netflix sent us the “Dear John” email. They were changing the plan. First, they would raise their rates and reduce their services. We would get less for more. But honestly, that wasn’t the weird part. The strange part was they were trying to split-off and re-brand their DVD service. They would call the DVD service Qwikster and keep the Netflix brand for their streaming service. A user would now have to manage two separate accounts and two different queues for reasons that just didn’t make sense to most subscribers.

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